Retail supplier of iron
& railings

Mitrakis Group is mainly active in the area of supplying retail stores with iron hardware and railings. The continuous monitoring of the technology evolution along with the appliance of up-to-date and innovative products, makes the company a pioneer in its field, resulting with the increase of it’s dynamic at 25% in the last 6 years.

Quaity guarantee

Mitrakis Group offers industrial tools for professional use with durability and ease of use.
The successful and long relationships with big Brands domestically and internationally, guarantee the quality of raw materials, the strict standards in the production phase and the finest quality of the final product.

After a long run in the industry, Mitrakis Group has achieved:

  • Specialization of personnel
    after of continuous training
  • Being always the customer’s choice
    and being one of the 5 most common supplier in the field
  • Having private warehouses
    with spaces of 2000 square feet and the latest technology for organization
  • Being in the position of power
    versus it’s competitors by following the latest trends in the marketing field.

Sales network

With a target of continuous growth and coverage of most retail shops, Mitrakis Group has developed a wide network of sales, able to cover every area with every need.
With over 500 partner retail stores throughout Greece, the company is at the heart of the market, listening to its needs, ready to offer the most efficient solutions, in maximum quality.

Continental Greece - Thrace, Eastern / Central / Western Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Fthiotida, Boeotia, Evia, Peloponnese

Island Greece - Dodecanese, Eastern Aegean Islands, Ionian Islands